18/12/2009 08:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tiger Woods' "Mistress Was Trying To Have A Baby With Him"

A woman who is reported to have had an affair with Tiger Woods was apparently trying to have a baby with the golf star.

Theresa Rogers, from Florida, is said to have had a five-year affair with Tiger and apparently got pregnant in 2003.

RadarOnline says Mrs Rogers told her friends she was trying to have a baby with Tiger – and her fourth husband was fine with this.

However, she was also reportedly seeing an Eastern European basketball player at the same time and the baby looks Caucasian.

The baby girl, now aged six, was apparently never given a paternity test.

It has been reported that Rogers is now trying to get £2 million out of the golf star to keep quiet.

She sounds lovely. You done well there, Tiger.

Rogers is one of a string of women who have been linked to the golfer since his car crash outside his home a few weeks ago.

New York nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel is reported to have already landed a pay-out of up to £3 million although she denies this and denies even having an affair with Tiger.

Tiger has admitted being unfaithful to his wife Elin – although he hasn't said with how many women.

He has said he is taking a break from golf and wants to become a "better husband, father and person".

It has also been reported that he now wants another baby with his wife in an attempt to save their marriage.

But as more and more allegations are made, it seems more and more unlikely his missus will let him anywhere near her...

Source: Daily Telegraph