20/12/2009 12:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

5 Delightful Dolls' Houses

As a child, I always used to look forward to visiting my nan. Not just because she's lovely and in possession of unlimited chocolate biscuits, but because she had a beautiful doll's house filled with teeny tiny pieces of furniture.

Buying a doll's house is by no means a cheap option, but they're one of those toys that stays in fashion long after the latest console and the newest gadget go in the bin. As long as it's properly cared for, it can even be profitable later on down the line.

Fancy treating your son or daughter to a little home of their own? We've rounded up the best dolls' houses out there.

This Victorian Doll's House (right, £149) is from BrightMinds, and has three floors to fill with furniture. BrightMinds has plenty of furniture too, like this contemporary living room set.

Argos have a cheaper option, with the doll's house with 100 pieces for under £50. The wooden house comes with an assorted selection of furniture, dolls and decorations to personalise it.

This wooden doll's house from Woolworths comes with a magnetic light box, to illuminate whichever room the dolls are relaxing in. You can buy it for £60.

The best thing of all about a doll's house? As parents, it's one house where you won't need to worry about the plumbing.