28/12/2009 02:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The New Beauty Treatment - Made From Placenta...

Women in Dubai are flocking to use a new beauty treatment to make them younger – made from baby placenta.

I know some women will do anything to make themselves appear younger, but surely you have to draw the line somewhere?

However, apparently it's very popular and customers are queuing up to use the product in Mona Mirza's Dubai salon.

She told Sky News: "The main reason why human placenta is effective is because it is bio-identical to our own physiology.

"The moment the molecule is put on the skin it penetrates and absorbs directly into your skin. Your own collagen starts to mimic the baby collagen and cells that are going in.

"It is not a foreign body. The mimicking process continues for about three months after your first treatment, so it's absolutely ideal."

Women are paying through the nose for this treatment, too, with a 60-minute treatment costing around £170.

Mirza recommends that women over the age of 35 should have three treatments in the space of one week, and then one treatment a month.

Apparently the afterbirth is farmed from Russian babies and is donated voluntarily. You would hope so...

This is the latest daft use that has been dreamed up for the placenta.
Earlier this year ParentDish reported how a toy designer was turning placentas into teddy bears.

These were described as "a crafty alternative for those who don't necessarily want to eat their baby's placenta, but want to pay their respects to the life sustaining organ by turning it into a one-of-a-kind teddy bear."

It almost makes those people who fry up the placenta and eat it, look normal. I said almost.

Source: Times of India