29/12/2009 08:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Could This Be The World's Youngest Beatboxer?

A family in Cardiff believe their son could be the youngest beatboxer in the world.

The toddler was videoed by his 16-year-old brother when he was a baby, performing what can only be described as a beatboxing routine. The boy uploaded the video onto YouTube, and it has now had over half a million hits across the world.

The 14-second video was sent to family and friends by the boy's father Mr Amir, which then resulted in the video being posted on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The video now gets an average of 2000 hits a day. Mr Amir has now signed the video up for advertising, in order to put a little money aside for his son.

Check out the Beatboxing Baby below

: WalesOnline