31/12/2009 03:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What Were Your Parenting Highlights Of 2009?

We can all grumble and groan about the bits of our life that trouble us. But I don't think we take enough time to celebrate the good stuff too. So as 2009 zips through its last few hours, let's take a few moments to celebrate the good stuff that happened in our families this year.

So how was it for you? Did you add to your family this year? Did your children make it through another developmental milestone? What were your best fun times this year – maybe a holiday or some silly clowning at home? What were the biggest challenges that you overcame?

In my house, we added to the household by one, when Dennis the Kitten arrived in March. We forgave his little deposits around the house, though we did send in tales of his menacing to The Beano. I think appearing in the comic with her cat would definitely rank as my daughter's highlight of the year.And this year, after lots of struggles, my son really nailed his reading. His confidence has grown in lots of ways, which is lovely to see. Both my children have made me proud this year. We had a great family holiday on the beaches of Pembrokeshire, just after our trip to the new Butlins hotel in Bognor Regis. I loved meeting all the mummy bloggers there and had a riot enjoying the stars of the X Factor show.

And of course the other highlight work-wise has been starting to write for ParentDish, which was born this year. I guess this means that next year it'll become a difficult toddler, so brace yourself for potty training.

Best wishes to all our readers and much joy for 2010. But before that, leave a comment below and let us know your family highlights of 2009.