01/01/2010 08:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tip Of The Day: Don't Make Resolutions

So what were your New Year Resolutions last year? Can you remember – I can't. Making resolutions tends to be one of those things we feel we ought to do around this time of year, even if we don't really mean to carry them through. Their biggest failings are because we attempt to change too much about our lives at once. But none of us became the way we are now overnight, and it is unrealistic to expect that we'll change overnight either.

And anyway, who "resolves" to do anything these days? Even the word is outmoded.

Still, there are plenty of things I would like to change about my life to improve it. Given that the evidence suggests that traditional resolutions don't work, what's a better way to approach this?

This year for a change, get much more definite and positive and set yourself some New Year Intentions – the things you intend to do in 2010. Doesn't that feel more likely to happen already?So for starters my intentions for 2010, would be to

  • Shout less
    I don't think I'm an enormously shouty mum, but we live in a long, narrow house. So if you're in the basement kitchen trying to raise a child in the attic for breakfast, raising your voice comes naturally. But I think I have been doing this too often, and am sick of the sound of my own voice bellowing to various people. More running up and down the stairs and speaking to family members face to face is required. This will have the added bonus of keeping me fit. Which reminds me...
  • Do a pilates class
    Just the one, mind. If I like it I might do more. This is a definite intention, rather than a vague "take up pilates" resolution, which might never occur. Keep it simple and it's more likely to happen.

So what about you? What are your intentions for 2010? Let us know in the comments box below.