04/01/2010 21:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Ricky Gervais' Celebrity Lullaby

In December I went to see Ricky Gervais performing live in his Science UK tour. With jokes about every offensive subject under the sun, it certainly wasn't a show suitable for children. But now the award-winning comedian has been showing his more family friendly side, as he performed a celebrity lullaby on Sesame Street on 22nd December. True to form, he poked fun at himself and his celebrity status, and terrified little Elmo in the process.

UK viewers of The Office will already know that Gervais is a dab hand with the guitar, but to American viewers, this song has proved to be something of a shock. Online critics are calling it "the best thing he has done in recent years."

What do you think? Here's a clip: