05/01/2010 21:45 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tip Of The Day: It's Time To Check For Nits Again

Yuckity yuk and thrice again yuk. Just the thought of nits gives me the creeps, even if there's nothing there.

The last time we looked at how to tackle nits, it was one of our most popular posts. Parents hate 'em, but there are very few who don't have to deal with head lice at some point. And right now is a prime time for the little critters to spread, as children go back to school and nursery.

Vosene Kids has recently launched a new range of shampoo and a detangler containing tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus. They're designed for regular use to hopefully keep nits at bay. But there really is no substitute for regularly checking your child's head. As the slogan says – once a week, take a peek. Even if it gives you the creeps.

And here are some more tips for keeping your child's hair itch-free:

• Regular combing works wonders for the condition of your children's hair. Comb the hair first with a wide-toothed comb, then with a finer toothed comb, and finish off with a brush. Use lukewarm rather than hot water for hair washing, which will prevent the hair shaft swelling up and make the hair easier to comb. It's also better for hair if you leave it to dry naturally, rather than blow drying.

• It's not usually necessary to wash kids' hair every day as they have fewer sebaceous glands, and it takes much longer before hair gets greasy. It may be enough to wash it just once a week, although if you use a gentle shampoo, daily hair washing is not a problem and will not damage the scalp or hair shaft.

• To care for long hair, never use hair bands with metal parts as they can roughen and break hair. Try to avoid brushes and combs made of plastic, or with broken teeth. Cheap plastic combs are often poorly manufactured, with sharp seams that might damage the hair shaft. Brushes with natural bristles and wooden combs are much better.

Source: Vosene Kids