14/01/2010 06:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Weirdest Parenting Stories Of 2009!

It's clear that 2009 has been a pretty eventful year when it comes to parenting news. Everything from the crazy names celebrity parents give to their offspring to the story of a giant baby born in Indonesia has graced ParentDish this year.

Here's a round up of the five strangest stories this year.

1) Balloon Boy

The story of Balloon Boy gripped the world, as millions followed a balloon floating across two US counties, which was reported to contain a young boy. Suspicions were aroused when the balloon landed, and the child was not in the basket. Further investigations led to the discovery of the boy in rafters of his parent's garage.

The whole story was revealed to be an elaborate hoax to secure the family a reality TV show.

2) Katie Price nominated for Mum of the Year

I think everyone was a little shocked when Katie Price was nominated for Mum of the Year, especially as this was around the time Katie and Peter Andre were spending a lot of time in the tabloids in a war of words. Judging from the 458 comments you all left on the post, many of you felt that a lot of the celebrities were undeserving of the nominations.

3) Miracle Baby has verses from the Koran on his body

A Russian baby was reported to have attracted crowds after claims that verses from the Koran appeared on his body. The script apparently appears and fades on his leg, and says "Be thankful or grateful to Allah" in Arabic. Locals are now hailing the boy as a miracle, and a message from Allah for peace.

4) Pregnant woman gets pregnant again... two-and-a-half weeks later

A woman in Arkansas was surprised to discover that she was pregnant with two children instead of one, and they're not twins! Julia Grovenberg discovered during a routine scan that there was another baby in her womb, next to the one she already knew about. This baby was conceived two-and-a-half weeks after her first baby, a situation that is incredibly rare.

5) Baby survives being run over by a train

This video of a baby surviving being hit by a train shocked many of our readers. The video shows the pram rolling off the platform onto the tracks, just as a train comes along and hits it, pushing it 35 yards down the track. Amazingly, the baby escaped any injury, and simply needed a feed and a nap.