28/01/2010 13:32 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

20 Percent Of Children Think Bacon Comes From Sheep

What do your kids have for breakfast? Cereal? Peanut butter on toast? Or perhaps nothing at all?

A recent survey has revealed that many children have no idea where their food comes from. Of the children surveyed, a third didn't know porridge came from oats, 20 thought the main ingredient of bread was egg and a quarter thought that oats grow on trees. Eating healthily can be a challenge when children don't even understand the basics.

Which is why Antony Worrall Thompson challenged a group of children to create the perfect healthy breakfast.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2010, running this week, is an annual campaign to encourage people to eat a healthy breakfast using ingredients available from UK farmers.

Watch the video below of how the challenge went - or head to the Farmhouse Breakfast Week website to find out more.

Source: Digital News Agency