30/01/2010 17:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ofcom Investigates GMTV After Breast Milk Comments

A recent episode of GMTV's Lorraine Kelly show has caused outrage and complaints from viewers to Ofcom, after a midwife suggested that breast milk may not be any better for older children than cola.

The comments were made during a debate over the controversial subject of older children who are still breastfed. The discussion took place with the input of public opinion and midwife and breastfeeding specialist Claire Byam-Cook.

The specialist was quoted as saying "Breast milk beyond the age of two isn't necessarily good because it's very, very sweet...."

"The fact that it's breast milk doesn't make it any better than a glass of Coca-Cola. It does damage babies' teeth."
However, other experts are now claiming that there is little evidence to back up this claim.

Mothers have also been calling in to disagree. Nicola Harris, who still breastfeeds her son at the age of four, claims her child has perfect teeth.

Ms Byam-Cook replied that she felt that breastfeeding was beneficial for the under-twos, but after that time it becomes a 'private decision'. She also felt that the decision should not be up to the baby, and just because a child wants to continue breastfeeding, doesn't mean they should. After all, you wouldn't allow a child to do whatever they wanted in other areas of their life, so why allow them to dictate when breastfeeding should stop?

The program received a small number of complaints by email, but a spokesperson for the show confirmed that the producers felt they allowed every guest a chance to speak, and it was therefore fair and balanced.

Given that the discussion was an open one, do you feel that the complaints were justified?

Source: AOL