03/02/2010 22:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five-Year-Old Saves Mum With 911 Call

Do you know I don't think I've ever sat my five-year-old down for the "who to ring in an emergency" talk, but after watching this video about one smart boy, I think I will.

Although no one had ever taught Tyler Swass what to do in an emergency, he had somehow picked up the information and knew the number to ring when his mum needed help.

When asked how he knew to dial 911, Tyler replied: "I didn't learn it from anyone. I just got it from myself." I bet his mum is thanking her lucky stars for that.She was at home with Tyler and his baby sister in Forks Township, about an hour from New York City, when she started having a seizure, which she occasionally suffers from.

"I am so proud of him, I started to cry," she told NBC of the moment when she woke up in hospital and learned that her little boy had come to her rescue.

"She was, like, shaking, and then she just laid on the ground because she was staying on the ground, and then I got the phone and then called 911," Tyler told NBC.

But he did find the conversation a little annoying: "They asked me if she can talk to them, but I telled them that she couldn't because she had a seizure -- duh!" he tells the TV station. "I had to keep saying that every time, but they still didn't listen. But then they stopped talking about it."

Although he only knew the family's street name and not their full address, luckily family friend and volunteer firefighter Matt Mowery heard the call on the scanner.

He told NBC: "When I got there, I walked in the door and go, 'T-Man, what did you do?' and he looks at me and he goes 'I called 911. My mom needed it.".

With Tyler saving his mother's life and this recent story of a toddler doing the same, I think me and my five-year-old will be having a chat about calling 999, although I shall have to make it clear that Mummy not letting her stay up late isn't an emergency.

Have you taught your children how to ring the emergency services?