05/02/2010 04:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katie Price Wants A Honeymoon Baby - And She'll Call It Vegas

Katie Price has topped off her Vegas wedding to cage-fighter Alex Reid by announcing that she wants a "honeymoon baby".

Well, that's one sure-fire way to make sure she stays on the front pages.

The happy couple have been larging it up in "Sin City" with a reception in a strip joint, surrounded by lapdancers. Classy.

Then they returned to their £6,300-a-night penthouse suite at Planet Hollywood where they reportedly stayed for the next 19 hours.

They got stuck into fresh oysters and Dom Perignon and Katie reportedly said to the hotel staff: "It's time to get cracking on a honeymoon baby - bring it on!"

The Mirror says they have told friends Katie, 31, hopes to get pregnant "as quickly as possible".

To top it off, they have even apparently threatened to call the baby Vegas if it's conceived there. Niiice.

A source told the Mirror: "Kate and Alex are so happy. They have been laughing and joking almost non-stop since exchanging vows, and really are in love.

"Their strength is they have a real giggle, and that's why they decided to get tipsy in a strip club. Why shouldn't they? They didn't want a pompous wedding and didn't make their first night a staid one either.

"They returned to their suite for some privacy and a romantic candlelit dinner.

"Alex has made no secret of the fact he wants a child too, so they are hoping to conceive as quickly as possible. Kate's said 'never underestimate the Pricey - I conceive easily!' Alex thinks all his Christmasses have come at once."

It all sounds dead romantic, dunnit?

Source: Daily Mirror