07/02/2010 04:38 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five Craft Kits For Creative Children

From a young age, children tend to take an interest in crafting of some sort. Whether they're getting messy at school with finger paints or creating their own greetings cards, learning a craft can help children bond with others and learn a new skill.

A great way of encouraging their creative tendencies is by buying a craft kit, specifically aimed at children, for them to complete.

Here are five kits which should keep your kids occupied through half term and beyond.

This Mini flower and butterfly cushion sewing kit (£6.96 from Baker Ross) on the right will teach your child the basics of sewing, allowing them to create their own flower or butterfly cushion.

The needle is plastic and the shapes are pre-cut, so the set is safe for little hands too.

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This Crafty Apron set above (£11.99 from comes with everything you'd need for a child to create an apron suitable for baking or safely storing scissors, knitting needles and various other crafty supplies. Suitable for seven years and up.


This Crochet Art kit above (Amazon for £9.77) has enough wool and supplies to create a coaster, handbag, place mat or belt, and eventually their own cuddly toy.

The kit is simple enough for a child of eight years plus to pick up, and there are plenty of tutorial books available too.


Think they'd prefer to try knitting? They could try out this Knitting for Kids - Starter Gift box above.

The set comes with a 99-minute DVD, animated story to help with the learning, three different coloured balls of wool, knitting needles and a tutorial from seven-year-old knitter Ryan Anderson. The gift set is available from Amazon for £12.98.


For a budget buy for the boys, consider this 'Create Your Own Pirate Kit' above on for only £1.99.

The kit comes with everything you'll need to create a hat, flag, eye patch, moustache, sword and treasure chest.