08/02/2010 09:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Husband Leaves His Wife In Labour - To Queue For Football Tickets...

A football fan almost missed the birth of his first child - because he wanted to make sure he got tickets to see his team in the FA Cup.

Vince Reeves, 32, a Southampton fan, was queuing up with his wife Rebecca, 26, to get tickets for the clash with Portsmouth.

But when his missis went into labour he got a mate to take her home - while he stayed in line to collect the tickets.

Rebecca's waters broke 90 minutes later while she was in the bath, but Vince stayed in the queue as he was only 50 places from the front.

Fortunately he managed to get the tickets and make it to his wife's side before she actually gave birth.

Even more fortunately, his wife appears to have been very understanding about the whole episode.

Vince, a Chief Petty Officer with HMS Liverpool, told the Daily Mail: "When I saw Southampton had drawn Pompey in the FA Cup I was desperate for a ticket. This is the biggest game of our season and the hottest ticket in town.

"I couldn't believe it when Rebecca went into labour - of all the times it could of happened, it had to be then."

Rebecca, an assistant bank manager, told the Mail: "After queuing for so long there was no way we were going to lose out on a match ticket.

"Vince offered to take me to hospital but I insisted he stay.

"Thankfully my mum was able to pick me up and take me to hospital while Vince kept our place in the queue."

The story ends well - Vince arrived to hospital in time to see the birth of his daughter, who they have named Jessica.

Rebecca told the Mail: "We were both delighted to have made to the hospital in time.

"The first thing I asked Vince when I saw him was 'did you get the tickets?'"

He should hang on to this one - she sounds like a wife in a million.

There was an added bonus for the family too - the football club was so impressed with the couple's dedication to the cause, that Jessica has been given a life-long season ticket.

Let's hope she likes football as much as her parents do.

Have you ever been left in the lurch by your partner when you were in labour?

Source: Daily Mail