18/02/2010 04:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Fined After Baby Drops Banana

A mum from Grimsby has been fined £50 for littering after her baby son dropped a piece of banana out of his pram, it has been reported.

Kirsty Allen, 29, was walking along a street in the town with her 16-month-old son Lennon last week when she was stopped by a council litter warden.

She says the warden gave her a ticket after he saw the piece of fruit drop out of the baby's pram.

Now you can see what's wrong here, can't you? Obviously the warden shouldn't have fined the mum. He should have fined the baby. They've got to learn.

Mrs Allen told the Grimsby Telegraph: "He loves bananas and I had given him one to eat to settle him down.

"He must have finished eating it and left the end of it on the blanket.

"It rolled off the side of the pram and landed in a big puddle. I didn't really think of it as litter as I thought it would either be eaten by birds or just decompose.

"The warden pulled me up and issued me with a £50 fine. I think it is disgusting – I was lost for words and trust me, that doesn't happen often!"
However, North East Lincolnshire Council is disputing that the it was a bit of the banana that was dropped.

The council told the Grimsby Telegraph that it was their understanding that it was the skin of the fruit that was discarded.

However Mrs Allen claims it was definitely just a piece of fruit that was dropped and she says she even pointed out to the warden that the peel of the banana had been kept safe to stop it from being dropped.

If Mrs Allen is right, we're all in a lot of trouble. My baby is constantly littering. Bits of biscuit, banana, bootees, even toys have all been wantonly hurled out of her pushchair. She's clearly a hardened criminal.

Source: Grimsby Telegraph