19/02/2010 15:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

38-Stone Woman Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby

A woman weighing 38 stone - that's 528 pounds - has given birth in Romania to a healthy baby girl, it has been reported.

Victoria Lacatus, 25, had a caesarean section at Bucharest University Emergency Hospital.

She had a little girl weighing just 6.4 pounds.

The mother is being monitored carefully for any post-surgery complications because she is morbidly obese, according to the hospital spokesman.

She had to be taken to the hospital in Bucharest from her village in southern Romania because her local hospital did not have any beds strong enough to carry her weight.

Ms Lacatus is reported as saying: "The baby is the fruit of the love between me and my future husband who is slimmer, weighing just 70 kilograms (11 stones).

"I wanted this child with all my heart, whatever the sacrifice."

Perhaps if she wanted the baby that badly she might have thought about the risks of surgery and whether she would survive to see her child.

Florin Costandache, who helped perform the operation, is reported as saying: "It was a real challenge because she needed four times the anaesthetic a normal person needs."

The chief surgeon, obstetrician Valeriu Horhoianu, said the Bucharest hospital has helped at least 10 obese women to give birth, but none weighed as much as Ms Lacatus.

However, in August 2008, a heavier obese woman - 560-pound (255-kilogram) Leanne Salt - gave birth to triplets in Britain.

Apparently Ms Lacatus will soon marry her 36-year-old fiance, Costica Lacatus.

It's amazing that she managed to have a baby at all. If she wants to be around for her husband and child, she might want to think about taking some action to tackle her weight...

Source: Press Association

Source: Associated Press