26/02/2010 11:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diary Of A Nearly 5-Year-Old


I don't see the big deal about cleaning teeth. The cat doesn't have to. Mum says I've got to or they'll turn black and fall out but Emily at Kindergarten says they'll fall out soon anyway! She says her brother's teeth are almost gone and he's started to look like her granddad. My granddad has plastic teeth that he can take out to clean. That's brilliant. Maybe I can have some when mine fall out. I'll ask.

Mum says when mine fall out I'll get more and I have to clean those too! I told her I'd decided to have plastic teeth like granddad. Wonder where you buy them....

Not really fair that the cat doesn't have to clean her teeth........

Cats don't like toothpaste which is weird 'cos it's yummy and tastes like strawberries. She didn't want to have clean teeth either.

Now I've got to sit on my bed and think about what I've done whilst mum washes the cat. Cats have very sharp fingernails. Cant wait to show Emily my Bob the Builder plaster tomorrow though.


Emily at Kindergarten has holes in her ears now! She's allowed to wear earrings. She says her mum said she could have them if she looks after them. What does that mean? How do you look after a hole then? Anyway I want holes in my ears and green sparkly earrings. Or maybe red. No, orange.

Mum said no. She said if we were supposed to have holes in our ears we would have been born with them. I said we were born with holes in our ears. Mum said not to be cheeky. She wanted to know if Emily from Kindergarten ran under a bus would I want to as well. If that's what you have to do to get earrings then maybe I don't want to.