07/03/2010 16:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is This The Freakiest Game For Kids Ever?

Recently, we've seen quite a few bizarre games and toys enter the market aimed at kids. Nintendo bought out a Wii game recently called Baby and Me which has a doll that you insert the Wii mote into. The game then allows you to feed, change and rock the baby to sleep. It's a little creepy in my opinion, but nowhere near as creepy as the game on the right.

Toys R Us in the US have bought out a Ouija Board aimed at children. The board is known as a tool for 'contacting the dead' so quite why the makers of this game were inspired to create a children's version is beyond me.

The game itself appears to be more about finding the answer to questions like "Will he call me?" and "Will I be famous?". Like a darker version of the 90s game DreamPhone.
The whole concept of adult themes in a children's game seems like a case of encouraging children to grow up before they need to. I can't really see how there's any educational benefit to it either.

What do you think? Just a bit of fun, or a little bit odd?

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