18/03/2010 12:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Feeling Crafty? Folksy Craft Tutorials

One of my new year's resolutions is to pick up a few new craft skills. Basics, like sewing and knitting, are on the list.

I'm getting the hang of crochet at the moment after picking up a weekly crochet magazine (which you can buy here) and was thinking about other projects to take on when I came across the make section of Folksy.

This section is filled with tutorials on how to make anything from a scarf to some cute bear badges. A lot of the tutorials are ideal for getting kids involved in arts and crafts.

Here are a few of my favourite 'makes' for kid

Candy Pencil Tube

This candy pencil tube comes just in time for kids in their first few weeks of school. It also makes use of all your leftover sweetie tubes and old Christmas cards.

Party/Easter bags

Eco-friendly and pretty, these little bags can be filled with Easter eggs or cheap and cheerful party bag fillers.

Love Heart Felt Brooch

Has your kid got a little crush on someone in their class? This brooch is a sweet gesture, particularly with Valentine's day coming up. It also helps develop basic sewing skills.

Amigurumi Bear Badge

Fun little badges to decorate outfits, bags and rooms.

Have you seen any great tutorials, suitable for kids? Share them!