23/03/2010 07:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Cures Her Infertility - By Taking Viagra

A woman has given birth to a healthy baby girl after using an unusual drug to treat her infertility - Viagra.

Kerry Horan, 34, had been struggling to get pregnant. She had suffered a miscarriage and three rounds of IVF failed.

Then doctors prescribed the male sex pill after discovering she had poor blood flow to her womb.

This meant an embryo could not implant successfully as the lining of her womb was too thin.

Specialists at the private CARE Nottingham fertility clinic recommended Viagra to boost the blood flow.

Kerry told the Sun newspaper: "I was shocked when they mentioned it, but willing to try anything. Minutes after taking it my body went pink and my face bright red.

"I took Viagra for nine days and it wasn't a pleasant experience."

That's a shame. You might have hoped there would be some other benefits.

However, a scan then showed that Kerry's womb wall had thickened and doctors were able to implant IVF embryos.

Two weeks later Kerry discovered she was pregnant.

Kerry, a teacher, told the Sun: "When we saw the baby's heartbeat on a scan we couldn't stop crying. When I finally held Grace it was the most emotional experience. Thanks to Viagra I'm a mother at last!"

But before any infertile women out there go rushing off to get their hands on some Viagra, remember that doctors say it needs to be prescribed and supervised.

Director of the Nottingham clinic, Dr George Ndukwe told the Sun that "it can improve the lining, but can be dangerous and must be taken under supervision."

It's amazing how they can treat infertility these days and I'm sure Kerry won't care how she got pregnant. Let's just hope the kid doesn't get teased too much in the playground...

Source: The Sun