25/03/2010 19:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Four Travel Games For Long Journeys

Nothing can be quite as irritating as having an impatient seven-year-old squirming in the back seat of the car and constantly asking "Are we there yet?"

Car journeys are really boring for kids, and I say this having spent a large part of my childhood in the back of a car with my sister on weekend trips. Fun once you get there, but the boredom tends to lead to squabbles which no parent wants to deal with when navigating the motorway.

Kids need something to keep them entertained, and travel games are an easy way to do this. Whether you get them kickstarted with the free and simple games like the numberplate games and I Spy, or spend a small amount on a travel version of their favourite board game, like Travel Monopoly on the right (Amazon, £4.99), you'll appreciate the peace and quiet they result in.

Here are four more games to keep your kids occupied.

Do you know of any good travel games? What about any free travel games? Share them in the comments section!