30/03/2010 09:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Young People Turn To Their Parents For Advice

Open any newspaper these days and you'll be bombarded with reports that children are constantly rebelling against their parents and ignoring everything they have to say. However, a recent study would suggest the reality is different.

The study, conducted by BT, has revealed that young people are more likely to turn to their parents for advice, then to their peers.

59 believe their children would rather go to their friends for advice.

These results would suggest that perhaps it's confusion on the part of the parents rather than a lack of communication between parents and children that's leading to misconception in the media.
Many parents (39 of children actually agreeing.

The study took place to celebrate the Seen and Heard Awards held at the Houses of Parliament. The Seen and Heard Awards are held each year to celebrate individuals who use speaking and listening skills to improve their own lives and those of people around them.

How do you feel about communication with your kids? Do you agree with the results of this survey?