07/04/2010 05:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Miracle Haiti Earthquake Baby Reunited With Her Parents At Last

A baby girl has finally been reunited with her parents after being rescued from the rubble of a building in the aftermath of the earthquake which hit Haiti in January.

The two-month-old baby was taken to a field hospital four days after the earthquake with a fractured skull and broken ribs and with just hours to live.

Doctors at the hospital in Port-au-Prince assumed she was an orphan and she was put on a plane to Miami, Florida, for life-saving treatment.

But back in Port-au-Prince a couple, Nadine Devilme and Junior Alexis, were desperately looking for their baby girl.

They have been through legal battles and DNA tests to claim their daughter back.

According to CNN, when the earthquake hit on the 12th of January, Devilme was at home with her daughter Jenny and her babysitter. The mother was knocked unconscious and taken to hospital.

Her husband searched through the rubble of their home but couldn't find their daughter.

Then four days after the quake, a neighbour told them that someone had found Jenny and taken her to a hospital. But they didn't know which one.

The couple finally discovered that she had been flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

But they had no passport and no visa and couldn't get to the United States - or prove the baby was theirs.

They requested a DNA test to prove they were the parents but this dragged on for weeks, partly because there was a legal dispute about who had responsibility for the baby, the state of Florida or the federal government.

After weeks of agony lawyers finally secured a DNA test and it was proved that the baby was indeed Jenny Alexis.

CNN reports that Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman said at a hearing last month: "This is a case where these were really good parents, and I can't wait for these parents to be reunited with their baby. This is one happy day."

This week, after more wrangling to get the parents passports, they were finally reunited with their baby.

Miami attorney Roberto Martinez, who represented the parents, told CNN: "It was impossible to have a dry eye."

Jenny is still getting treatment for a fractured skull and can't use one of her arms properly, but is generally in good health now.

"She's a fat little baby," Martinez told CNN. "She's a happy, bouncy little kid."

Source: CNN