15/04/2010 09:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Many High Street Stores Caught Selling "Sexy" Clothes For Kids

Primark has landed itself in trouble this week by selling what the Sun tastefully labels a "paedo bikini" for children.

Now a whole host of High Street stores have been caught selling sexually provocative clothing for young kids.

The Sun says children as young as seven are being targeted with dodgy clothing including padded bras and provocative underwear.

Primark has now got rid of its £4 bikinis which had padded tops and were aimed at seven-year-olds.

The shop has apologised for any offence caused and says it will give all profits from the bikinis to children's charities.

However the Sun also found Primark was selling knickers for girls aged seven featuring the slogan "You've Scored".

Tesco was selling padded bras in sizes which would fit seven-year-olds, as were Next and Peacocks.

Child protection consultant Shy Keenan, of the Phoenix Chief Advocates, told the Sun: "It's about time we stood up to these unethical companies who sell products that sexually exploit children or facilitate paedophiles."

Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting website Netmums, told the Sun: "Clothing for children should never be designed to make little girls look sexually attractive."

All the stores have said they will look into the allegations and withdraw the products if necessary.

Next boss Simon Wolfson told the Sun: "We will look into the issue. If anything needs changing, we will do it immediately."

Peacocks boss Richard Kirk said: "We have started checking every product to make sure everything is appropriate."

It's right that these stores should get so much flak for selling these revolting clothes. But what about the parents who choose to dress their children this way?

The stores wouldn't be selling the clothes if no-one was buying them... isn't it time parents took responsibility?

Source: The Sun