22/04/2010 08:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parent Complains After Son Ends Up On "Bully List"

A parent has complained about a school in Massachusetts, USA, after her son was named on a list of bullies.

The story has ended up making the national news in the US after teachers at the Wire Village School in Spencer apparently asked students to make a list of the school's biggest bullies.

Tom Gebo, aged 11, was suspended from recess after he was ranked in the top six on the list.

His mother Danielle kicked up a fuss and the story has run on news channels including CNN and Fox News.

Tom's suspension was halted after Ralph Hicks, superintendent of the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District, discovered it shouldn't have been carried out without a hearing.

Hicks thought this would be the end of the matter and doesn't understand why Ms Gebo is still making such a fuss.

"I characterise this as a tempest in a teapot," he told ParentDishUS.

Hicks says the principal of the school was worried about bullying after a student in a nearby town committed suicide earlier this year, apparently after being bullied.

Hicks told ParentDishUS: "I certainly supported the principal's intent." He says in the past parents have accused him of being soft on bullying.

Tom Gebo admitted to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette that he has bullied other children at the school - in fact he even put his own name on the "bully list".

He told the newspaper: "I had picked on a few kids, so I wrote that I bullied some kids and I signed my name."

He has now been given counselling to help find strategies he can use when he's being bullied or when he feels he needs to bully someone else.

And it does seem that the boy may have learned something from all this. "I know how it feels now," he tells CNN. "I think bullying is a bad thing and being bullied is an even badder thing."

Source: ParentDishUS