07/05/2010 19:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Let The Children Do The Storytelling

Here at ParentDish, we're big fans of getting the kids excited about reading and storytelling. But finding time to sit down every night and tell your children the same story over and over again can be about as interesting as watching paint dry. Which is where a bit of technology can come in handy.

A new website for kids, Smories, gives children the opportunity to narrate the stories of amateur and professional children's writers for the YouTube type format. Not only do they get the chance to use their imagination and improve their reading skills for the short stories, but the best story each month could win a prize of £1000. Why not give it a bash?

Each month, 50 new stories are picked to be added to the website, so there's plenty of opportunities for a writer to submit their work. For newcomers, this could give them the benefit of worldwide exposure, whilst established writers can enjoy seeing children use their imagination to perform the stories.

It's a really cute collection of videos, and watching them take on the voices and characters in the fictions is charming.

Are you a wannabe writer? Would you sign up for Smories?