16/05/2010 17:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five Of The Best Free Knitting Patterns For Baby Clothing

Baby clothing manufacturers tend to create a fairly limited colour range of outfits. It's usually either blue, pink or white. The latter tends to be a compromise for those that resist pink for girls and blue for boys.

One way of ensuring you have the exact outfits you want for your new baby is to knit one yourself (or find a helpful family member or friend with a crafty side). Now, I'm obviously not suggesting you do this during the first few months after they're born (who has the time?) but it's an activity you could take up if you're approaching the last few weeks of pregnancy and you're getting fidgety.

Here are five of the best knitting patterns for baby clothing, all of which are free.
Feather Pattern Baby Set (Hat and Boots)

This pattern from John and Ann Gallentine is simple and quick enough to be achieved in a few sessions. You can find the pattern here.

iCutie jumper

Tech lovers will appreciate this jumper featuring the Apple motif, from So KnitPicky. It comes in pink, but the beauty of the pattern is that you can choose your own colour.

Baby Ruffled dress

More advanced knitters might want to take on the project of this multilayer ruffled dress.

Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan

This one is really very cute. A cardigan with a neckline decorated in fluffy sheep. Grab the pattern here.

Baby Socks

Finally, a simple sock pattern to keep their feet warm. This particular pattern is great for beginners. It's from Knitzi.

Got any knitting patterns of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!