28/05/2010 09:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kids Are More Likely To Own A Mobile Phone Than A Book

A new study has shown that children aged between seven and 16 are more likely to own a mobile phone than a book.

Nearly nine out of ten kids now have mobile phones while only around three-quarters of them have their own books at home.

The study was carried out by National Literacy Trust researchers who surveyed more than 17,000 children aged seven to 16.

They found that children who did have their own books in the home were more likely to have a higher reading ability.

More than three-quarters of children who read better than average for their age had books of their own.

However only 58 of the children had their own mobile phones, while only 72.6 had their own mobile and 72.7% had their own books.

The National Literacy Trust is currently running a campaign called Tell Me a Story, which aims to get more families to support children reading at home.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, told the Daily Mail: "Our research illustrates the clear link with literacy resources at home and a child's reading ability.

"By ensuring children have access to reading materials in the home, families can help them to do well at school and to enjoy opportunities throughout their life.

"One in six children in the UK will grow up without the literacy skills they need to fulfil their potential. We are campaigning to change this."

The Mail reports that an American study recently revealed that keeping just 20 books at home could help children's chances of academic success.

And an Australian study showed that mobile phones made children less thoughtful and more likely to make mistakes.

Source: Daily Mail