11/06/2010 09:03 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Man Admonished For Baby Wipe Injury To Child

A man who misguidedly forced a baby wipe into a child's bottom to prevent him soiling his nappy has been admonished by Glasgow High Court.

At a previous hearing, it was revealed that the incident happened as McArthur, who was caring for the baby, changed the child's nappy. The following day while trying to remove the wipe with his fingers, McArthur caused major internal injuries, which included a perforated bowel.

When the baby later became quiet, the mother took him to a GP who admitted him to the local hospital. The baby was close to death and needed to be resuscitated, before undergoing a four-and-a-half hour operation to repair his bowel.

It is unclear whether the child will make a total recovery, but Judge Lord Turnbull said McArthur's actions were "misguided intervention rather than an act of malice".

Lord Turnbull said: "I am not saying he was right to do what he did or that it could be condoned. However, I reject as baseless any suggestion that his behaviour was sexually motivated."

Because McArthur was admonished, it means his conviction is recorded but he won't be fined or face imprisonment.

Source: BBC