30/06/2010 10:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Three-Year-Old Boy Caught Naked On Google Street View

An outraged mother has spoken of her horror on discovering that Google had published a photograph of her three-year-old son naked on the Internet.

Louis, three, had been snapped by Google's 'camera car' as it took images for its Street View service. His mother Claire Rowlands, 25, discovered the pictures of him playing in his grandmother's garden in Walkden, Greater Manchester.

The first image clearly showed Louis running around in nothing but his shoes. A second image showed Louis's face, but his body was hidden by a fence. Bizarrely, the registration plate of a car next to the house had been blurred out - apparently down to the company's software.Claire said she was unaware any photos had been taken, and has now accused Google of invading her son's privacy.

Claire said: "I just felt sick to my stomach when I saw the naked picture of Louis on the Internet. I'm angry, disgusted and upset about it - they should be checking every image before it goes up.

'They should be extra careful on warm days because this is what children do - he was just playing in the garden and we didn't expect in a million years he'd have his picture taken and put on the internet for anyone to see.'

Google have since apologised and blurred the image.

As Louis was on private property, Claire believes Google should ask for permission before taking images. She went on to say: "My concern is that paedophiles could see it and there's no way I ever wanted my son to be seen naked all over the world."

What do you think about Google Street View? Should they ask permission to take photos?

Source: Daily Mail