09/07/2010 14:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bride Goes Into Labour Whilst Exchanging Vows

Stevie Hales,21, had looked forward to her wedding day all her life. So, when her waters broke at 4am on the morning of her wedding, she decided to go against medical advice and go ahead with her dream day.

Stevie managed to get through her vows in front of 60 guests, eat the two courses and watch the speeches at her white wedding before finally agreeing to go to hospital in the ambulance during the dessert course.

Baby Finlay finally arrived at 6.10pm the following day at Queen's Hospital, Burton-upon-Trent, with her new husband Damion at her side.

Stevie said: "The labour ward told me to come in and bring an overnight bag.

"But I knew they would have kept me in and I would have had to cancel the wedding.

"I have dreamt of a white wedding since I was a girl and it was all booked. I was determined not to miss it."

Source: The Sun