20/07/2010 10:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Liam Gallagher - Top Dad?

He claimed in a recent interview he was a 'top dad', but Oasis star Liam Gallagher has come under fire from the mother of his 12-year-old daughter.

Lisa Moorish, who fell pregnant with Gallagher's daughter just weeks after he married his first wife, Holby City star Patsy Kensit, has claimed Liam shunned her and their baby as soon as she revealed she was pregnant.

Posting on Twitter, Miss Moorish, 38, who also has a son, Astile, seven, with singer/songwriter Pete Doherty, wrote: 'In Response [sic] to an article today involving my daughter; 14 years ago I had a 2 year on/ off relationship with a man from Manchester as a result of that I became pregnant and had a beautiful daughter.'

' 'The man from Manchester was very angry that I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and decided to stay out of her life.'

'I felt sad about it but accepted it. He agreed to pay his way.

'She is now 12 and the most amazing girl, loved by all around her. She is also old enough to catch wind or [sic] articles which mention her.'

'My only wish is that she has a good relationship with me and her father which is between them and I would NEVER get in the way.'

Liam, who is married to singer Nicole Appleton, has three children, Molly with Lisa Moorish, Lennon, ten, with Patsy Kensit; and son Gene, nine, with current wife Nicole.

He recently told the Sunday Times Magazine: 'As she was growing up, I thought it was the best way, instead of having me popping in and arguing with the f*** ing woman [Miss Moorish].'

'She knows where I am and I'm there for her if she needs anything, like I have been since she was born, financially.'

'I know it's not about that but it's better than nothing.'

What do you think? Is it ever right for a parent to be estranged from their child?