27/07/2010 08:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Doctor Mends Baby's Leg With Sticky Tape And Piece Of Wood

A quick-thinking surgeon has used a roll of sticky tape and a lollipop-style stick of wood to mend a newborn baby's leg – saving her from hours of surgery under general anaesthetic.

Sienna-Rose Webb was born with a rare condition that caused her right knee to bend forwards rather than backwards.

At first, doctors at University Hospital, Coventry, were baffled by the problem, but orthopaedic specialist Dr Irene Van de Ploeg realised that the tot's muscles were malformed and that her knee had dislocated – possibly as a result of lying with her legs straight in the womb rather than in the foetal position.

Dr Van de Ploeg knew it was a race against time to save Sienna-Rose's leg as her muscles were growing so quickly, and came up with the ingenious Blue Peter style-solution. Rather than using traditional treatments such as a plaster cast or complicated surgery, a simple splint was attached – usually used to treat adults' broken fingers.

Within a week, Sienna Rose's knee had completely healed.

Sienna Rose – whose father Zack is a breakdancing instructor and mother Amy a gymnastics coach – now loves kicking her legs like any other healthy baby.

Zack said:: 'I broke down in tears when they took the splint off and I saw her leg was bending properly.'

Amy said: 'She didn't seem to be in any pain – it obviously worried us a lot more than it did her.

'We still have to be really careful how we hold her. She's still very delicate, but definitely on the mend. We are so grateful for all the staff at the hospital did for us.'