28/07/2010 18:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Surprise Results In Anti-Smack Charity Poll - Parents Support Smacking

Fewer than ONE IN SEVEN adults think slapping a child poses a very high risk to their welfare, new research reveals

The study results, by The Children's Society, are a disappointment to the charity, which has campaigned to ban smacking. It was revealed that parents are more concerned about other dangers to children, rather than the emotional and physical damage that smacking might cause.

Chief executive Bob Reitemeyer said: 'Children are the only group of people in this country who can be legally hit on a regular basis by others with little protection in law.'

However other experts like Patricia Morgan, a researcher and author on the family, defend the results: 'Children are the only people who can be legally sent to bed by others. Does that make it wrong?'

The survey was carried out by GfK NOP, who asked 2,047 adults what they believe the biggest risks for youngsters aged six to 15 is out of six 'scenarios'.
Fourteen per cent believe slapping a child on the legs as punishment is a very high risk to them, and 33 think smacking primary school children poses a high risk to their welfare.

More parents are worried about their children being out late, with 79% putting kids out after 9pm as a much higher risk.

At the moment, the 2004 Children's Act gives parents the right to smack, but makes it illegal to inflict injury, physical or mental, on a child.

What do you think about smacking? Have you smacked your child and, if so, for what reason?

Source: Daily Mail