28/07/2010 14:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Six-Year-Old Girl Cured Of Bone Cancer In Three Hours

When little Dayra Egorova was diagnosed with bone cancer, she was warned that her leg might have to be amputated.

However, thanks to a revolutionary procedure, the six-year-old girl is back on her feet and cancer-free after a three-hour operation.

Dayra is the first person in Britain to try the brand new procedure which removes the cancerous bone, treats it with very high doses of radiotherapy and reinserts it back into the body.

The little girl is from Russia, and her family were distraught at the limited options available in their country to help her. However, a charity called Grant Life stepped in and funded a new procedure for her in Britain.

The girl's mother Irina, 41, told the Daily Mail: "We came here full of fear but we received such kindness and generosity from the British people. We are eternally grateful."

Two days after the operation, she was able to walk with the use of crutches, and left the hospital within a week.

Up until recently the procedure had to be carried out by taking the bone to another hospital on a motorbike to be treated before taking it back. The Harley Street Clinic in London now has all the facilities in one place, which shortens the procedure by at least an hour and reduces the risk of complications and pain for the patient.

If Dayra had stayed in Russia to have the operation, surgeons would have had to remove a much larger bone, leaving her ankle immobile. The operation, funded by Grant Life, cost £70,000.

Healthy bone will grow over the dead bone in the next two years, bringing it back to life.