03/08/2010 09:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Teddy Bear That Thinks It's An Ice Cream

High street cuddly toy maker Build-A-Bear Workshop has launched a range of ice-cream scented bears.

Priced at £16.50 each, they're available in four yummy flavours: Mint Chocolate Chip (pictured here), Orange Sherbet (pictured below), Bubble Gum and Hot Fudge Sundae. No Rum 'n Raisin, but I guess that would have to smell like a brewery which isn't really what you want when you're buying a toy for your child.

If you were being unkind, you might notice that Mr Choc Chip looks like he's got an unusual strain of chicken pox, but what the heck, kids will still love him.

In our house we are fans of Build-A-Bear Workshop. My daughter has a brace of bears, and my son has one of the rabbits, imaginatively named Bunny.

But my wallet doesn't like them so much, since by the time you stump up for a bear and an outfit, the bill mounts up quite a lot. But where else can you get mini school uniforms and Darth Vader outfits for your soft toys?

If you haven't been before, how this shop works is: you start by choosing an unstuffed bearskin, then take it to a special station to be filled with stuffing. You get to choose if you want a skinny or a 'who ate all the pies' bear. The stuffing machine operator will also give your child a heart to kiss then pop inside the bear. Emma explains the process in more detail here.

With all the palaver that goes into creating the bears (you even get to print out a special birth certificate in-store), it does feel much more personalised and special than simply buying a cuddly toy off the shelf.

So here are their latest offerings - just don't buy one if you're on a diet, the scent will drive you mad. I wonder if they are distant cousins of Toy Story 3's Lotso Huggin Bear with the strawberry-scented tummy? Put them together and you've got a real toy fruit salad.