06/08/2010 07:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

No Need To Wait After Miscarriage. Medics Advise: Do Not Delay.

A new study has revealed that women who conceive within six months of suffering a miscarriage have the best chances of a healthy pregnancy.

The findings come from Aberdeen University, which analysed data on almost 31,000 women who had miscarried and then fallen pregnant again.The findings suggest women who conceived within six months after losing a baby were 44 per cent less likely to have a second miscarriage than those who waited six to 12 months before becoming pregnant again.

It also found that getting pregnant sooner reduced a woman's chance of an ectopic pregnancy, the need for a Caesarean and the risk of a low birthweight baby.

Ruth Bender Atik of the Miscarriage Association, said: "It's a really interesting study. I think it's going to be reassuring for women, many of whom want to try again soon after a miscarriage but are worried about doing so."

The new research runs contrary to the usual advice given. The NHS generally advises women to wait at least three months before trying for another baby, whilst the World Health Organisation suggests a six month gap.

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