13/08/2010 09:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hero Dad Delivers Baby After Hospital Turns Mum Away TWICE

When heavily pregnant Emma Habens' waters broke she headed straight to her local maternity unit at the North Hampshire Hospital, certain that she was due to give birth imminently.

Medical staff, however, disagreed, and Ms Habens, 30, was sent back home, only to deliver her baby just hours later with her partner, Dave Brown, 40, playing midwife.

But the drama did not end there, as roofer Dave delivered his new daughter, he immediately noticed she was blue and not breathing.

'I kept telling Emma, "Keep breathing, do your breathing", but I didn't know that's what I was supposed to say, I'd just seen them say it on telly,' he told reporters, 'Then when she (Maisie) came out she was blue, so I blew into her mouth and she started coughing and screaming.'

'Dave was amazing,' Ms Habens said, revealing that she had visited hospital TWICE in the previous 48 hours but was sent home both times.

'I was told I was not in labour,' she said, 'They said go home, take two paracetamol and have a lie down. We went home and few hours later I was lying down when it just happened.'

The hospital's Head of Midwifery branded Dave a 'superdad', adding: 'Every effort is made to ensure women are assessed and able to spend the early part of labour at home and then deliver safely in hospital. Some babies do arrive quickly once labour starts and the midwifery matrons are always available to talk through a couple's experience of any aspect of maternity care.'

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