21/08/2010 11:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What's New This Week - Rock Stars, Free Stuff And An Evil Nemesis

Welcome to our regular weekly roundup of cool stuff for families. And we start with a new range of baby products that's so cool, it's absolutely ice box.

For babies with attitude
What do you buy the baby who's got everything, apart from a dummy designed to look like a pirate tattoo? Why, something from the Rock Star Baby range of course.

Designed by Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres, this range of baby accessories is for parents who are too rock 'n roll for the usual pastels.

Newly arrived in the UK, the Rock Star Baby range starts at £7.99 (the bottle and dummy gift set shown here is £32.99), and is available from online retailer Mummy's Online Baby Shop.

What do you think of this? Is it the ultimate in cool baby gear, or too grungy for words?
DVD for boys aged 5 and over
Released today is the latest Ben 10 DVD. As fans will know, Ben has grown from a boy to a teenager, presumably meaning that if this series lasts long enough, we may eventually see pensioner Ben, fighting off monsters with one flick of his false teeth.

This time round, Ben's evil twin turns up to cause havoc. That's the trouble with evil twins, isn't it? They never just turn up for a cup of tea and a chat.

Ben 10 Alien Force Volume 4: Undercover is released today, RRP £9.99, though it's currently on special offer here for only £6.93 - terrific value for 5 episodes.

Free swimming for families
And speaking of saving a few pennies, here's a special offer just launched by British Gas which means that you and your familiy can go swimming three times for free.

All you have to do to take part is register your details at the website here, then print out your free swimming vouchers, valid for up to two adults and two children. The vouchers are valid at around 500 pools, and can be used up to 30th November 2010.

Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington is supporting the scheme, and says: "I am on a personal mission to get as many people as possible into the pool to enjoy the benefits of swimming".

For multimedia toddlers

And finally, last week we brought you news in the upsurge of children blogging, but would you believe babies can blog too? Well, they can now that innovative electronic toy firm Leapfrog hav e released a laptop for toddlers.

My Own Leaptop enables children to pretend to write emails, download music and blog. You can connect the device to your own laptop to customise the content for your child, so they get messages from names they recognise.

It's recommended for children aged two and over - reading ability is not required, because the puppy character Scout will tell your child what to do. This inevitable means that this is the type of noisy toy that can drive parents mad. But for the price, it offers a lot of educational play and the chance to develop letter recognition and number skills.

My Own Leaptop is available now from all major outlets, RRP 19.99