23/08/2010 08:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sass &Amp; Bide A/W 2010: Backstage At London Fashion Week

Sass&Bide model MyDaily staff

MAKEUP: Petros Petrohilos for MAC
HAIR: Reina for ghd
SNAPSHOT: Futuristic tribal

THE SCOOP: Sass & Bide is an acclaimed Australian label that was started by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton in 1999. The brand is known for its innovative edgy looks, and beauty at this season's show focused on tough and graphic makeup mixed with futuristic, dramatic hair.

"The whole collection is quite graphic and tribal and that is the same for the makeup", explained Petrohilos. "It's all about the lip. We are doing a finished look but we are glossing it on top. The gloss is reflective, but it is also a little bit taupe, which makes it a bit more grey. We're making the skin flawless and then we are using the eye glass on the lid and on the cheekbone for highlighting. There is nothing on the eyes, not even mascara for definition."

As for the hair? Reina said, "It's futuristic, it's all about tomorrow. The girls (Clarke and Middleton) wanted to bring a lot of tribal and theatre into the hair. It's a bit like a UFO, but for a girl to do it at home it could be more of a side French roll with a bit of a quiff-punk element to it. We always think about drama when the girls are going down the catwalk, so we have made these really gorgeous bronze skull caps that are moulded to the shape of their heads."

To get this dramatic look start by applying Face and Body foundation for a dewy, flawless complexion. Next, apply lipstick in Media with a brush to give it a defined shape. According to Pertohilos, "If you put the lipstick on with your finger you will get a stain effect, but for a defined, perfect, full lip you need a brush." After the lipstick is on finish with Glimmerglass in Bling Black which results in a look that is wet and metallic at the same time. There's not much to the remainder of the face, no colour on the cheek or eye, just a swipe of MAC PRO Clear Lip Glass on the eye lid and the cheek bone. Don't think you can pull of a semi-shiny face? Petrohilos says the secret is to start with a flat, flawless skin because the gloss will reflect any imperfection. "The trick is to put it on the bone of the cheek and do not take it further in.

Sass and Bide, London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2010 MyDaily staff

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: This sculptural style is for the catwalk but if you take it down a few notches you can do it at home. To create a rock 'n roll verison of a French twist you need to layer products to form the right hold. For this style use ghd Fat Head hair lotion, then Obedience Cream for frizz free styling, followed by Maximise Mousse. After you have teased and pinned the hair apply Ultimate hairspray to make sure it stays put. Renia says the way to get chic teased hair is to "saturate your head with the mousse and then start with Mason Pearson brush. A lot of people use combs, but they can really lose it and get caught up in your hair, a small brush is really much better."