27/08/2010 14:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

House Of Holland A/W 2010: Backstage At London Fashion Week

House of Holland model MAKEUP: Lucia Pica for MAC
HAIR: Shay Dempsey for Sebastian Professionals
NAILS: Sophy Robson for Kinetics
SNAPSHOT: Ghetto girls

THE SCOOP: Henry Holland worked for teen mag Sneak before attracting the attention of the fashion world with his "fashion groupie" slogan t-shirts. House of Holland held its first solo show in 2008 and In the years since, the label has become as well known for its celebrity fans (we weren't surprised to be nearly taken out by Pixie Geldof rushing to air kiss Alexa Chung backstage), as it has for its playful clothing creations.

This season, makeup artist Pica said Holland's inspiration was "ghetto girls from Harlem, Queens and the Bronx. "There's a lot going on in the clothes obviously, and the hair is up in this really high ponytail, so we decided to just concentrate on the skin and make it really glowing and beautiful."

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: "We wanted to capture that tanning element of the girls," explained Pica. To start, use a mixture of moisturizer and oil and work it into the skin a lot to get the shine to come through. Then apply foundation one shade darker than your own skin and blend it with a big brush. Pica emphasized that "the texture of the skin is really important, it needs to be really creamy." Once the face is warm and glowing, curl your the eyelashes and apply C-Studio Fix Lash Mascara in Charcoal Brown. For the lips, use foundation around the edges to soften the mouth, but leave the centre natural and pink. The final touch for the face is to apply Beauty Balm with your finger to your cheek bones, then use a brush to blend it. Pica said "Instead of looking like a highlighter, it needs to look like the skin is producing the glow on its own. She's a sophisticated ghetto girl!"

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: "For the clothes, the look is urban chic so we had to try and come up with something that complimented Henry, and that was also going to create volume. But we didn't want to create big hair. Big hair will always be around, but it's been done. Instead we came up with this ponytail inspired by Henry's bandannas." To recreate the look, drop your head upside down and douse your dry hair in Blow Dry Spray until it's crispy. Next, create an extremely high ponytail on the left. Finally, split it into three pieces and use big tongs to curl the sections.

GET THE LOOK - NAILS: "The nails have letters on the tips sort of like a classic French, but instead they are the slogans Henry's been promoting on his blog," explained Robson. The handmade tips use two of Holland's favourite sayings; CTFO (chill the f**k out) and NALGO (not a lot going on).