08/09/2010 13:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mercury Prize Double Take: Heavily Pregnant Lauren Laverne And Miranda Sawyer Steal The Show

Viewers watching the live TV broadcast of the Mercury Prize Awards couldn't help but be distracted by presenters Lauren Laverne and Miranda Sawyer, and their matching heavily pregnant-with-their-second-children tums.

Commentating from the balcony at the London ceremony for the BBC, the pair discussed the nominees for the Album of the Year prize, dressed in very similar bump-tight black jersey dresses worn with bright pendants.

Laverne, who usually presents the Culture Show, is due to pop in the next two weeks, and joked that she'd better hurry along the discussions as she was 9 months pregnant.
In the same vein, newspaper journalist Miranda Sawyer, who is due in mid-October, tweeted to Lauren before the show: "Am looking forward to cameraman trying to fit us both in on screen. Let's make sure we both stand sideways on, casually."

Of course it was wonderful to see the two of them bantering away about the nominees, with one arm crooked to their waist to counter the weight of their fronts, but it was still visually very very odd.

It brought to mind Davina McCall hosting Channel 4's Big Brother programmes whilst heavily pregnant – but in double vision!

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