10/09/2010 07:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven-Month-Old Baby Survives Falling 200ft In Tornado Horror

A baby has survived after being sucked from his cot by a tornado and flung 200ft from the skies.

Seven-month-old Brandon Emiliano was sleeping in his family home in Tamaulipas, Mexico, when the 72mph gusts blasted through the house.

His terrified mother, Marisa, watched in horror as the winds tore the tin roof from the property and blew her sleeping baby skywards.

She told reporters that she saw Brandon 'go flying along with the roof'. 'He was taken by the sky,' she said, 'It was the middle of the night but I ran to look for him.'

Miraculously, Brandon was found unharmed by a neighbour just 60 yards from his home. Medics said he was uninjured due to a mattress dumped by the roadside breaking his fall.

His mother spoke of her relief, saying: 'I thought he must be dead. But we found him after an hour in a nearby house, in his blanket. They are calling him our flying baby.'

Hurricane Hermine has left two dead and thousands fleeing their homes.