10/09/2010 07:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The School With No Teachers Or Pupils

We're used to reading about over subscribed schools and vast classroom sizes, so the situation at St Nicholas CE Primary School in Mowsley, Leicestershire comes as something as a shock: the school has been forced to close because it has no pupils - or for that matter, teachers.

A County Council spokesman said in a statement that the school had been shut down as a 'temporary' measure due to the absence of any staff or pupils: 'There are no pupils currently on roll at Mowsley School and it is temporarily closed while the governing body considers its future. The county council's policy is to support small rural schools and we will be offering guidance to the governing body.'

Kim Hall, the Chair of Governors at the school insisted that it was still officially 'open': 'At the moment it's still officially open but it's not got any pupils so it's not actually open,' she explained, adding that the dwindling numbers were a result of parents moving and changing schools to keep their children with their friends:

'I think a lot of parents decided one child was moving on so they would move their other child,' she said. 'Once numbers dip below a certain point, and children's friends leave, their parents think they'll move them to be with their friends. Once you get to a certain number it becomes a snowball if you're not careful and I think that's what has happened.'

Mrs Hall confirmed that the school's two teachers had also left, but added that any pupils who had turned up would have been taught by temporary staff.

She voiced her dismay at the situation, adding: 'I just think for the village it's very, very sad.'

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