14/09/2010 14:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Celebrity Hairstyle Of The Week: Carey Gets Creative With Grown-Out Crop

Rex features

The pixie crop may be one of Hollywood's hottest hair trends this year but Carey Mulligan is one star who couldn't wait to grow hers out. After going for the chop earlier this year, she told the Independent on Sunday that she didn't like her new look but with numerous awards ceremonies ahead, she felt she couldn't be seen with it at an "in-between" stage.

Well, it would seem the actress has finally found a solution. At the Never Let Me Go film press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, the elfin star wore her "in-between" style side-parted with two cute boho braids through the front and lots of choppy texture through the back.

Whoever said you can't have short hair and an up-do? Well, kind of an up-do. We think Carey may well have started something here. Could "in-between" stage hair be the next big thing?

Growing out your hair and want to copy Carey's look? It's as easy as one, two, three...

1. Tease the back of the hair with a texturising paste for a choppy, slept-in feel.
2. Use a comb (or your fingers) to create a low side-parting.
3. Leaving a few loose strands around the face to soften the look, separate out two strands and braid.

What do you think of Cairey's "in-between" look?