17/09/2010 16:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Backstage Beauty: Bill Blass S/S 2011

Hair gets sprayed in place backstage at Bill Blass Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Sophisticated, classic ladies marched the runway at Bill Blass Spring 2011, with dark, 20s-inspired lip and ever-so-slightly slicked-back hair styling.

: Lisa Butler for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Laurent Phipippon for Bumble and Bumble
NAILS: Kim D'Amato for Priti NYC
SNAPSHOT: Paint it Black

: Bill Blass went ultra classic for spring 2011. His collection is predominantly cream, black, red, and navy. For makeup, Lisa Butler created a 20s-inspired look with a clean face and statement lips tinted with a bold, fuchsia-black lip stain. Hair was minimalist but nuanced: The sides and top were slicked back into a three-tiered layer with some purposeful frizz on the ends. As for nails, there's no doubt that mixed-metal polish is going to be hot for spring, as Kim D'Amato custom-created a bronze and silver shade called Water Soldier for the show.

Models get a slick of black-fuchsia lipstick backstage at Bill Blass Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

GET THE LOOK MAKEUP: All makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Start out with Face and Body Foundation. Add a dash of pink blush on the cheeks with Holding Spray, then take a scarf and make a wide headband with it and put over the hair. Dry the hair over the scarf and flat iron the ends, spraying on Spray de Mode Hairspray on the roots, then create a small ponytail at the nape of the neck for some added volume underneath. Part hair in a lower and upper section, and continue to comb and spray hair back, and before you bring back the top section, spray and comb in some spray just above the ears on each side.

GET THE LOOK NAILS: To get the look at home without this exact shade D'Amato recommends to either pre-mix a bronze, sandy colour layered with a white-silver, or apply a coat of the bronze colour to the nails, wait until it is almost dry, and then layer the white-silver on top.