20/09/2010 12:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Love Rat Benefit Scrounger Expecting Babies Number 9 And 10

Out-of-work benefits scrounger Keith Macdonald is set to have his TENTH child by a TENTH girlfriend as two women reveal they are both pregnant by him.

Macdonald, 25, who already has eight children with eight different women, is now reported to be expecting babies with Sarah Armstrong, 19 and Danielle Little, 24.

He currently pays five pounds a week in maintenance to his existing brood - the first of whom he fathered at 15 - but doesn't see any of them.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, he denied Sarah was expecting his child, claiming: 'She's not my girlfriend, I don't know who she is.'

However, Sarah, a beautician from Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, insisted that she was six weeks pregnant and that Macdonald was the father: 'Keith was supposed to be moving in with me. If he's broken up with me, he hasn't told me. When I told him I was pregnant he said he'd be there for me.'

Meanwhile, Danielle Little told the press that she and Macdonald were due to move into a new home in Newcastle - funded by taxpayers - and that they were looking forward to their future together: 'I'm pregnant with his child and we're starting a family together. He's had a bad past but people have to forget about that and give him a second chance. I love him to bits.'

Macdonald refused to apologise for his lifestyle yesterday, telling reporters: 'I never keep a job because it's too boring.'

It is estimated that supporting his offspring will cost the taxpayer £1.5million.

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