21/09/2010 10:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tweet-A-Boo - Mum Live Tweets Her Homebirth

Instead of resting between contractions, or glugging away on the gas and air, Fi Star-Stone was logging onto Twitter and giving her followers a blow-by-blow account of her home birth.

Mrs Star-Stone , 34, of Stafford, tweeted throughout her 13-hour labour, which culminated in the birth of little Oscar.

She told reporters: 'I did this to show them the positive side of childbirth and to show it could be done without pain relief - and while Tweeting the whole time.'

The nursery nurse and parent advisor also has a one year old daughter Betsy, who was born at home last year.

Her tweets began at 3am whilst she relaxed in her birthing pool, posting the message: 'Contractions started at 2.30am! Baby decided he wants to come for his sister's first birthday party on Saturday!'

By 4pm, Mrs Star-Stone was still in a jovial mood, updating her page with: 'Me and my hippy no pain relief! Ouch! could do with a large vodka! '

Her tweets continued throughout the afternoon, ending at 4pm with the announcement:

'Introducing Oscar John Michael Victor Stone. Thanks so much for all your support. I'm shattered and sore but the happiest mummy on the planet.'

Her husband Richard, 34, said: Fi's pregnancy has been a big topic of interest and she wanted to dispel some of the myths about childbirth. People often pass on the worst nightmares instead of something positive.'

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