24/09/2010 10:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Backstage Beauty: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

MyDaily staff

MAKEUP: Gordon Espinet for Mac

HAIR: Peter Gray at the The Collective Shift for L'Oréal Professionnel

SNAPSHOT: Brook Shields circa Pretty Baby gets distorted

THE SCOOP: The beauty inspiration for Vivienne Westwood's Red Label show started simply: Brook Shields in Pretty Baby. But, not surprisingly, it didn't stay that straightforward for long. Gordon Espinet put it perfectly when he said to us "it's Vivienne Westwood, there has to be an element of theatre to the show. It's not about simply looking gorgeous." For makeup, a bad photocopy of a film still provided the final inspiration. The blurred and colour-distorted image led to what Espinet described as "random highlights. It's not meant to look like makeup, it's meant to look like there is coloured light being shot onto their face. Almost like stained glass windows with light shining through."

The hair went through a similar evolution resulting in a look that was somewhere in between Shields and Rita Hayworth according to lead stylist Peter Gray. "Vivienne is about going against the grain and doing something unexpected. She hadn't had a finished, polished look for awhile so we decided to mix it up and ditch the messy fizz," explained Gray.

GET THE LOOK MAKEUP: Espinet blended Ruby Woo, then finish off with several coats of mascara to give a youthful effect.

GET THE LOOK HAIR: If your hair is fine start with light product like Volume Expand Root Lift Spray by L'Oréal. For thicker locks you will need something with more hold like Volume Riche Mousse from the range. Next use a large barrel curling iron held vertically to shape the ringlets. Don't go overboard, stick to 10-12 sections of hair to curl. Finally use a wide tooth comb to brush out the curls instead of a brush to avoid creating frizz.